Shawn Megofna otherwise known as Mr Mego has been playing music for many years, you will see variations names across the web, Smegofna, TheShawnMegofnaBand, TSMB are all products of Shawn Megofna's music. However,  Mr Mego is the reemergence of Shawn Megofna's musical efforts.

Mr Mego has physical roots in the Bay Area, California, but his cultural perspective and values are that of island influences from Guam, Hawaii, and the Phillipines. Constantly reminding us of how he is a singing and writing powerhouse out in the Bay Area through his music, Mr Mego is changing the face of Reggae by twisting it with Pop, RnB, Rock, and other popular genres. The songs that he brings to life, clearly have their own identities and always have a different groove every time to capture all different tastes in music.

Mr Mego has been an established musician not only in the physical music scene, but in the internet music scene, garnering over 3.5 million views on Youtube under the alias of SMegofna. The growing popularity for Mr Mego not only exists in the Bay Area, but it spans across the islands of Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and many more. There is more that needs to be written with Mr Mego and the plans that are being laid out with his music. With everyone anticipating the release of many songs he has developed through out there years, as the days go by we are closer to having these amazing songs to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, and in our very own cars.
Check back for more updates on the musical endeavors of Mr Mego!

Mr Mego performs around the San Francisco Bay Area at Off The Grid venues, and has a residency at Noelani's Bar and Grill located in San Carlos. You will see Mr Mego with his token Saxophone player, Alvin Mata.  There are shows that Mr Mego does that are outside of the Bay Area, so please be sure to reference the shows section for updates on where he will be playing at.

For booking info please e-mail or visit the contact section and fill out the necessary information. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at one of the shows!